Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Serious question about parents and the health of their child.?

Where do you think the line should be drawn for parents being allowed to make health choices for their children?

At what age, and under what circumstances should the government be allowed to step in?

At what age, and under what circumstances should the a doctor be allowed to step in?

At what age should the child be able to decide for themselves?

Should medical or government interventions be allowed if the person is legally an adult?

Many parents choose to leave it in god/nature's hands and just pray/wait.

Certain religions or even strong non-religious beliefs dissuade parents from allowing their children to get blood transfusions, inoculations, and/or certain medicines and procedures.

Many medicines and especially inoculations come from animal sources requiring animal experimentation at the least, and often the death or use of an animal.

Often there is a justifiable fear of risk from the treatment itself, and sometimes there is not.|||When neglect comes into play. It is a parents duty to provide there child with healthcare etc. And if a parent fails to do this a number of occasions then someone has to step in.

I never leave anything in goods hands or wait something out. If my son is ill to give me concerns over it I'll be the first one in line at the doctors.

If I was to refuse treatment for my son in regards to his medical issues I know for a fact a court order would be obtain. So I think that one rule for all should be applied not just particular circumstances.|||In most cases, children ARE allowed to make decisions regarding their own health from about age 14 on. Provided that the medical professional has deemed the child competent enough to do so. This is why girls under the age of consent are able to get birth control without parental consent, get treatment for sexually transmitted diseases without parental consent and seek obstetrical care without parental consent.

Why would a child getting measles trigger a county-wide health warning?

I just saw that my county has issued a health warning because a school-age child has come down with measles. They are urging everyone who isn't vaccinated or immune to get vaccinated. Why? When I was a kid, everybody got measles. It wasn't fun and it wasn't pretty, but you got over it. As far as I know, it's not a killer disease. Why would measles trigger this kind of panic? Has anyone else heard of anything like this before? Just curious ...|||May I ask where you are from? I know that in the US, a child is required by LAW to receive the MMR (Measels, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine. Their are parents who chose to sign a waiver to not have their child(ren) receive the vaccine, however there has to be a ligitament reason (ie; religious reasons, etc) not just that dont want them to get it. Measels is a very contagious, and deadly disease. The thing about it is, that it is 100% preventable, as long as people are vaccinated for it. The panic lays because it is such a contagious disease that once one person gets it, then thousands and millions of people get it. I do not personally understand why everyone is not vaccinated from this, sense it saves millions of lives each year. Please "google" or "yahoo" this disease to see what the complications/side effects are from this disease. Then you will understand why there is such a panic about it. In the US they are even asking Adults to get a "Booster" vaccine for this disease- as to help further prevent the spread and contaimination of it. I hope this doesnt scare you too much, but it really is a scary disease. Best of luck in your research.|||because measles can be very hard on people. It is very contageious you wouldnt want EVERY child in the county to have it at the same time. its one of those things that we have the cure fore before it starts, so sace your self the pain and get imunized.|||Because it's a highly contagious disease.|||I think it's because ALL children are supposed to have had measels shots before they start school, so there should be NO cases of measels anywhere.

Anyone who somehow missed the shots and hasn't had the disease could get it. I don't know why they think it's so dangerous, but I went blind temporarily when I had them. It wasn't a good disease to have.

Can a woman's emotional state effect the health of a child she is pregnant with?

Biology is a weak point of mine. I know some biologically produced chemicals can effect mood. For example, dopamine has a direct correlation with happiness. I am curious though if mood may effect biochemistry in some way as much as the other way around. My girlfriend is due to deliver soon, and we have gone through some rather difficult times in the last few months. The specifics should not be necessary since I am looking for a general answer, but are there any risks our daughter may face if her mother is suffering emotionally?|||I'm in a psychology class at Cal Poly and I recently learned that extreme stress in the 2nd trimester is believed to be a cause of homosexuality in a child. I'm sure there are other risks that are involved because the biochemistry in the mothers brain directly effects the child in some cases.|||There isn't that I have heard of. Many, many women have gone through great suffering during pregnancy and still given birth to healthy babies, while many other women have had ideal times of it and had sickly children. There is really no proof one way or the other; it's all theories since it can't be systematically tested without serious ethical violations. The best you can do is hope that your baby will come out fine. I bet s/he will. =)|||He asked if there were any risks his daughter may face...

Alex- 'I recently learned that extreme stress in the 2nd trimester is believed to be a cause of homosexuality in a child.'

I wouldnt call homosexuality a risk.. its not dangerous or a disease! Im sure he'd be happy with a homosexual child as long as she was perfectly healthy!|||Wow, ok. Honestly yes it is BELIEVED or theorized that it can affect your baby. But more in a way that they would be more prone to stress or more withdrawn at somethings. Ive NEVER heard not once that your emotional state can cause homosexuality. Honestly I think thats ridiculous.

The community health nurse is performing a well baby check on a nine month old infant, the child is due for ro

The community health nurse is performing a well baby check on a nine month old infant, the child is due for routine immunizations. The mother who speaks little English is hesitant to give consent for the immunizations; she indicates through an interpreter that immunizations for an infant are prohibited in her culture. The nurse is aware that there is an outbreak of pertussis in the neighborhood where this family lives. Discuss the ethical dilemma using the principles of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice; consider the nurse, the mother, the infant, %26amp; the community.|||The answers are in your school book.....

I did my own schoolwork, do yours!

Best of luck!|||Her culture is in another country. If she wants her children to go to school in the US they really should have their shots. If they want to live in the US they need to follow US laws, not the laws in their homeland.|||Do your own homework.|||Stop trying to cheat. Do your own homework!|||you should do your own school work!!!|||I already got my own BSN...now you get your own. First off, do your own assignments. Medical ethics are important. Think it through yourself.|||the health nurse needs to find an interpreter who speaks her language to explain the risk of not getting the vaccine and ease her fears of getting it.|||I could discuss it for you but you wouldn't learn very much by that would you? These assignments are set to get YOU thinking!!

How does physical activity affect a child's mental health?

Ive been looking everywhere and i cant find a good source! I also need statistics about this topic! I need it from a legit source, not from what you know off the top of your head. Thanks!|||Maybe this will be of some assistance to you.

http://www.parentingscience.com/exercise鈥?/a>|||Try yoga

Has anybody in America ever taken a child 18 and under and not received health care for them?

I mean been denied the health care that child needs?Please not trying to be a smart ..you know ,I was just under the impression that was the case.Do you know of anybody?I don't..I was raised dirt poor..|||I have never heard of a health care provider that has ever denied a child services. It just goes against everything they stand for, and I hope I never see it come to that in my country.|||Nope.

And even if health care was denied on the spot...Medi-Cal is only a form away.|||thanks for giving me a star for interesting question|||Not as of yet but, we probably will in the near future.

Why is physical play and exercise good for a child's mental health?

I have looked on the internet, but all that comes up is the same one-helps you with your school work. I need help, this is my coursework and it's due in on the 27th, so I need help.|||Physical play can include activites that involve pretend play, which is a great way for children to use their imagination. It also allows them to interact with other children, and to learn how to do things. Physical play can also allow a child to show emotions, such as happy. This helps their mental health tremendously. Also exercise can be in a group activity, making the child feel involved and loved. If you isolate a child and do not allow them to interact it can cause them to feel alone, left out, sad, this will have a great impact on their mentality.|||Physical play and exercise is good for developing the child's mental health with the fact that it creates endorphins which is a good rush and it allows for children to have good thoughts.|||If you have to give your child a healty brain and body, then play some music and make him dance.|||It's not. They should be locked up until they are 18.|||Play catch and cook with your husband|||One word - endorphins.